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Model-Photographer Hookup

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19th June 2008


Freelance photography can be fun, but in these trying economic times, not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from can be awfully scary, too.  I’m here to help!


Hi, I’m Bill, I work for an Internet site called GOJobs.com.  We have 100,000+ job listings in every possible state and category, and we are in the midst of redesigning our site to be more friendly to job seekers.  Please check out our media jobs page here:




to help find your next long-term (or short term!) gig.  Please feel free to contact us, and leave feedback here if you wish as well.  We really want the site design to be driven by our users.  Thank you for reading, and good luck!

12th October 2007

splattworld1:46pm: Photo Project

So I came up with this photo project called Angels+Demons where I work with models and/or actors with the idea that they portray their demigod of choice, choosing their own costumes, makeup, etc., using the same light set-up and backdrop for continuity. Shot three sessions so far, and, my God, the images are looking good. The sitters are bringing so much to the project, such a sense of play, that they continue to surprise me.

Even more exciting, I have at least five more sessions set up (with two more in the works and a number of other people expressing interest), so the thing feels like it’s really taking off. It’s such a kick when people come to you excited about project and bring so many rich and original ideas with them. How it’s all going to turn out, I have no idea, but it feels really, really good.

Anyway, if there’s other Portlanders interested in participating, let me know, either here or via splatterson@mindspring.com

Good times.


24th January 2005

dreamwiadream10:46pm: prints (xposted)
Hey guys.... I need your opinion on some photos.  I get to choose two of them for prints....

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12th December 2004

bethanthepurple1:24am: A query, x-posted
I'm new here, but have just started working in art photography after still-life modelling for a few years. One thing I have found most curious is the "Model Release Form" which I have been told gives the photographer the power to do whatever s/he likes with the photo. Am I the only person who finds this frustrating as a model, as it seems to remove any compulsion for the photographer to publish the photo with any responsibility.

For example, whereas I am happy for my photos to be used in most situations, I would like to be informed before they were used in such a way a large number of people might see them.

Have any of the models/photographers in this community ever encountered this problem before or written up a contract to avoid this problem? What would the legal stanging of this contract be?

Thanks very much.

22nd October 2004

dreamwiadream12:47am: photographer needed

I'm looking to do some TFP work with a photographer.  However, due to school I my mobility is limited to the GA area. 


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16th September 2004

perfervid7:07pm: Forms!!
Hey everyone! I just added some forms for you guys to fill out if you're kind of stuck as to where to begin. They're on the info page, so check it out!


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15th September 2004

dyscordic8:07pm: Hi
Hi I'm Starr, I'm 18, I'm looking to be some sort of alternative model. I posted pictures behind the cut. Read more...Collapse )
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dyscordic7:53pm: Hi
Hi I'm Starr, I'm looking to be some sort of alternative model. I posted pictures behind the cut. Read more...Collapse )
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13th September 2004

orlandoclaffey4:35am: Better than Walmart
Its that time of year again. I am looking for people in Massachusetts interested in posing for some pictures.

I have various projects that I need models for this fall, ranging from fashion and glamour shots to artistic and environmental shots. Experience is welcomed but not nessecary. I am just looking for folks interested in having a couple of cool photos of themsevles. It is a great oppurtunity.

Anyone who poses will be given selected prints from the shoot, and digital copies for your portfolio or pesronal use. Also, I am willing to do standard portriats instead if you help out.

I am looking for models of both gender. Under 18 must fill out parental consent form. My studio is in Fitchburg, but I often do location shots. If you are interested, please email me at OrlandoClaffeyHhotmail.com. We can discuss times, locations and what we both are looking for. Also, check out my website at www.OrlandoClaffey.com. Still putting things together, but the contact info is there also.

X-posted (sorry, looking for people all over.)

31st August 2004

perfervid2:57pm: welcome
ok, ok, i'll start...


stats: 5'3", 135 lbs., 2 tattoos on back, pale, grey eyes, haircolor changes frequently :)

I'm looking for both paid and tfp assignments. Located in Houston,TX. I can travel to Austin or San Antonio if enough prior notice is given. I'm also looking for someone who'd be willing to do a photoset for me for suicidegirls.com. The payrate for that assignment is $25.(I know it's not much...but i'm poor!)

Here are some pictures to give you an idea:
photo by: Barbara Beasley

photo by: self

photo by:self

photo by: Barbara Beasley

photo by: self
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